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January 2019 Archives

Federal workers struggling to pay medical bills during shutdown

It is never fair for a hardworking individual to have to choose between paying to keep a roof over their head and having a necessary medical procedure that will improve their health. However, this is just what some government workers have to do because of the ongoing shutdown of the federal government. Tennessee residents may know someone facing just this problem or might be suffering from it themselves.

What happens at a meeting of the creditors?

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the beginning of a lengthy legal process that may force an individual to face difficult truths about their financial situation. For example, one of the requirements of moving through the process that a Tennessee resident must complete is a meeting with the creditors to whom they owe money. The meeting of the creditors can be an intimidating event for a person who is challenged to keep up on their payments to their lenders and loan holders.

Personal property that may be exempt from bankruptcy

Not long ago this bankruptcy and debt relief legal blog published a post regarding bankruptcy exemptions for Tennessee residents. In the post, readers were informed that in our state individuals must use the state's exemptions, rather than the exemptions that the federal government offers to individuals in other jurisdictions. This post will focus on one small part of the state's list of exemptions available to bankruptcy debtors: personal property.

Dealing with the trials of post-holiday debt can be stressful

During the recent holiday season, you might have visited a variety of stores and retail outlets in Tennessee in pursuit of finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. While you may have started out with a budget for holiday spending, similar endeavors have a way of bringing out the generosity in consumers.

Americans turning to crowdsourcing to pay off medical bills

There is no question that the quality of medical care that a Tennessee resident will receive when they suffer an illness or injury will be superlative. Hospitals throughout the state and the country are equipped with the best doctors and technologies in the world to provide patients with state-of-the-art care. However, having the best and being at the forefront of medical advances is expensive, and unfortunately patients are often left carrying the costs of the treatments and procedures they need to protect their health.

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