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April 2012 Archives

Debt collectors force emergency room patients to pay up

When a person is in need of immediate medical attention, their personal debt is probably one of the last things on their mind. Unfortunately, many emergency room patients have been confronted by their medical debt collectors as they are trying to receive treatment. Reports indicate that patients around the country, including Tennessee, are being forced to pay their bills in order to receive treatment.

Chattanooga college students grapple with credit card debt

Over the last several years, the topic of mounting national credit card debt levels has been a recurring conversation. A recent study indicates that this is a widespread problem, affecting many age groups. Despite efforts curb excess credit card debt among young adults, it seems as though many in Tennessee, and throughout the country, are struggling to pay their monthly bills.

Tennessee-based rapper liquidates songs in bankruptcy proceedings

Even though the economy is beginning to recover, it seems as though no one was left unaffected by the recession. This is indicated by rapper Young Buck's recent decision to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in a federal court located in Tennessee. Included in the rapper's liquidation are rights to his intellectual property, which were not considered to be a bankruptcy exemption.

Business owner files for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection

A long-time business owner operated Burger King Franchises for more than 30 years. He sold those franchises in 2007 in favor of some other ventures, including the San Francisco Oven franchise and the Macaroni Grill franchise. However, this change in operations did not work out in his favor. After these major acquisitions, he had to shut down at least one of the restaurants, and he has been left with substantial debt.

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