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Determining if Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you

Financial problems can creep up on anyone. Even when an individual or family has lived comfortably and financially secure for years, life events could drastically change that. A job loss or a serious medical condition could cause major financial problems. This can make it difficult when navigating the matter, causing one to wonder if they will ever get out of the hole. There are options, and bankruptcy can be a solid and beneficial process for those seeking debt relief and a fresh financial start.

Overcoming medical debt through bankruptcy

For the most part, individuals in Tennessee and elsewhere care about their health. Unfortunately, costs associated with health care can get costly. And when the unexpected happens, such as an injury, illness or necessary surgery, these expenses can be overwhelming. Medical debt can create major financial hardships for individuals and families, requiring them to seek financial relief.

How do bankruptcy exemptions work in Chapter 7?

No one wants to admit that they are dealing with financial problems. Many hope that if they ignore them long enough, that they will just fix themselves. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. What is even worse is that financial problems that go unaddressed have the tendency to get unmanageable. When a debtor has maxed out credit cards, medical bills piling up or suffered a job loss, it can seem impossible to ever get a handle on their finances. While it may not sound like the most appealing option, filing for bankruptcy can be a real option.

What are a bankruptcy trustee's duties?

If your financial affairs have been causing you concern for some time or a major event, like the threat of foreclosure, has spurred you into action, you may have come to the decision to file for bankruptcy. At first, you may feel as if this route is your last resort, but you may come to find that successful completion of your case has the results you have needed for some time.

Helping you tackle credit card debt

Even when a person makes a good living, financial troubles can make their way into his or her life. It is easy to charge items to a credit card. While this form of payment is useful in certain situations, it can get out of hand in others. This is where credit card debt can become an issue. While it is fine to have some balance of a card, carrying this balance over and continually adding to it can evolve into an unmanageable situation. This is when it may be appropriate for individuals in Tennessee to consider debt relief options.

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