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August 2018 Archives

Can I stop harassment about my credit card debt?

If a person falls behind on their payments for a financial obligation, such as credit card debt, they may receive notices from the lender who has backed the delinquent obligation. Hamilton residents may receive letters, phone calls, and emails about the status of their debts, as well as requests for payments. Some communications from creditors are permissible; others that are harassing are not.

What information must be included in Chapter 13 filing?

Before a person files for bankruptcy, they must take the time to get organized and collect the necessary documents to provide to the bankruptcy court. Tennessee residents who wish to use Chapter 13 bankruptcy to get out from under overwhelming debt should be prepared to offer extensive documentation of their finances, both positive and negative, as well as information on the parties to whom they owe money.

What debts will I still have to pay off after Chapter 7?

It is a common misconception that achieving a bankruptcy discharge will wipe out all of a Tennessee resident's outstanding debts. In fact, a number of debts will survive the bankruptcy process and will remain liabilities for the individual to repay even after they have successfully completed the legal process. This post will discuss some of the debts that will endure a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge but readers are reminded that it is not exhaustive. Consultation with a bankruptcy attorney should be sought for case-specific advice.

Relief for debtors of any age

Last week's post on the challenges young people face to pay off their medical debt is a good reminder to readers of this Tennessee bankruptcy and debt relief blog that financial hardship is a problem that anyone can experience. It is a mistake to believe that debt is only something that grows over time and afflicts those who fail to use financial caution in the youth: from young adults to retirees, debt is a hardship that can cause problems for individuals of all ages.

Have you considered these bankruptcy benefits?

Most Tennessee residents might agree that there are basically three kinds of people regarding finances: those who love to talk about all things financial, those who cringe at the mention of the word and those who would rather think about other things but recognize the necessity of creating a solid financial foundation for themselves and their families.  

Young adults slammed by crippling medical debt

Different generations have been assigned different names to differentiate them from one another. For example, Tennessee residents who were born in the two decades following World War II may be considered Baby Boomers, while individuals born during the Civil Rights Era through the mid-1980's fall into Generation X. The most recent generation to be named, the Millennials, is comprised of individuals born during the early to mid-1980's through the first few years after the turn of the millennium. And, according to a recently published study, it is this generation that is suffering significantly from medical debt.

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