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December 2012 Archives

Bankruptcy exemptions: finding certain in an uncertain process

Most people facing bankruptcy feel a lot of anxiety. It is common to feel anxious, especially when it is the first time a person is filing for bankruptcy. The process is complex, and it can seem overwhelming. For the uninitiated, there are a lot of unknown factors, like what will happen to their assets. It can be difficult and challenging to deal with the unknown. Tennessee residents might find the following article on bankruptcy exemptions helpful.

Who is responsible for credit card debt when someone dies?

There is a lot of confusion concerning what happens with credit card debt after someone dies. It is not uncommon for creditors to mislead consumers about such debts, even when the consumer is not responsible for the debt. While there are times when someone can be drawn into the collections process following the death of another, this only occurs under certain situations. The following are a few tips for Tennessee residents to avoid getting stuck with large amounts of credit card debt.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the homestead exemption

There is a lot of anxiety associated with filling for bankruptcy. Much of this stems from the fact that people know so little about the process. Like most things in life, however, this fear is often misplaced. Tennessee homeowners struggling with debt and considering bankruptcy might find the following information on the family home and Chapter 7 bankruptcy interesting.

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