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June 2018 Archives

What is "straight bankruptcy"?

"Straight bankruptcy" is just another name for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the process that goes along with it. Readers of this Tennessee debt relief and bankruptcy blog may know Chapter 7 bankruptcy to be the process of liquidating one's personal assets in order to pay off creditors and attain financial freedom.

Increase in federal interest rate will impact credit card debts

When a Tennessee resident is struggling with overwhelming credit card debt, staying abreast of the actions of Washington politicians can seem like a waste of time. The immediate concerns of how a person will be able to pay their bills will weigh significantly more heavily upon them than the actions of individuals in the nation's capital.

What are some of the consequences of having medical debt?

An unexpected illness or accident can result in a Tennessee resident spending time with their doctors and not at work. As a result, a number of individuals who incur medical costs find themselves facing significant debt when their bills begin to arrive. According to a study on medical debt, the presence of such debt in a person's life can have serious and long-term consequences.

Unusual connection between lottery winnings and bankruptcy

It is easy to assume that if a person wins the lottery that they will be set up for financial success for the rest of their life. In fact, if a Tennessee resident wins big and pockets millions of dollars in a lottery windfall, then they may foresee a future where their children, grandchildren and other descendants may live without any economic concerns. However, this is often a fallacy. Many lottery winners end up filing for bankruptcy due to financial mismanagement, unwise investments and victimization by unscrupulous individuals.

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