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Dealing with the trials of post-holiday debt can be stressful

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Credit Card Debt, Firm News

During the recent holiday season, you might have visited a variety of stores and retail outlets in Tennessee in pursuit of finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. While you may have started out with a budget for holiday spending, similar endeavors have a way of bringing out the generosity in consumers.

Now that the holidays have come and gone, you may be dealing with the fallout of your recent shopping spree. If you placed a substantial portion of your purchases on credit cards, you may be closing in on the time when your bill will arrive, and this document could leave you feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

The financial aftermath of the holidays

At this point, you could be feeling uncertain how long it will take you to overcome your current predicament. Some tips that could help you prepare to address your post-holiday debts may include:

  • Identify high-risk debts: When forming a strategy to deal with debts, identifying those with the highest level of risk could be crucial, such as balances on accounts with extensive interest rates.
  • Interest rates as a concern: If you have accounts with high interest rates, you could consider attempting to transfer your balance to an account with lesser rates, but this may only prolong the issue.
  • Implement a budget: As you attempt to address your debts, it might be in your best interests to form a strict budget and cut down on unnecessary expenses.
  • Seek additional income: You could also consider taking on a second job, even if only temporarily, as the additional source of income could help tremendously.

Unfortunately, not all strategies work in every scenario, and if your newly acquired debts are substantial, or if they only add to existing monetary struggles, you might be wondering where to turn for advice on the available options to help you pursue financial relief.

Seeking guidance

High levels of debt can place a heavy burden on you and leave you feeling as though you may carry this weight with you throughout life. However, there are a variety of outlets that could help you reduce or eliminate your current debt load, and you could benefit from speaking with someone with experience in such matters for advice on each option. In doing so, you could become better prepared to pursue the required relief and begin working your way back toward building a healthier financial future.