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Help for Tennesseans struggling with credit card debt

A little Tennessean credit card debt can become a big financial problem when a Hamilton resident starts to make delinquent payments. He may not even notice how quickly the problem balloons. A first late payment may be penalized with a late fee, and then that fee may be incorporated into the past due balance on his account. A few more months of using the card and not making payments may lead to an overwhelming amount of debt on a single credit card account.

Don't let creditors take advantage of you

When Tennessee residents are living with overwhelming debt they can feel like their backs are up against a wall. Creditors might be constantly calling trying to collect a debt. The debtors may deal with embarrassing credit card declines, calls at work or even wage garnishment. These actions can make people feel like it is impossible to get ahead of the debt or have any financial freedom.

Protections under the FDCPA

Many Tennessee residents struggle with credit card debt. In some cases, people have used credit cards to pay for medical expenses, every day expenses and other things when they cannot afford them. In this situation it is easy to fall behind on payments to creditors. With the high interest rates that accompany most credit card payments, a person's debt only gets worse in this situation, even if the person is not using the card.

What is the CARD act and how does it help consumers?

It's not uncommon for people in Chattanooga to run into financial challenges because of credit card debt. Credit card debt can accumulate in a number of ways. Perhaps there was a frivolous use of credit to buy things that really weren't needed and the irresponsibility led to issues paying the debt. Or, there might have been unexpected events that made it necessary to use a credit card to pay for them and the aftermath is causing a problem paying all the credit cards. Before new rules were implemented, consumers were at the mercy of credit card companies. That changed when the CARD act was enacted.

Tennesseans can rebuild credit after filing for bankruptcy

Those in Tennessee who have filed for bankruptcy or are considering it often have many concerns. Amongst them is how bankruptcy will affect one's credit. While it is true that bankruptcy will negatively impact an individual's credit score, it is not a mark that will doom an individual to a lifetime of financial ruin. In fact, there are many steps that can be taken after declaring bankruptcy that might help rebuild one's credit.

Less credit card debt paid off last quarter than during recession

As the economy seems to be slowly gaining traction, it may be easy to think that the debt load of people in Tennessee and around the country is getting lighter. This positive feeling can be buttressed by the fact that Americans paid off $32.5 billion in credit card debt last quarter. However, though that number may be impressive, that figure is less than the amount of credit card debt that was paid off by Americans at the end of the recession. In fact, Americans are expected to collectively accumulate $42 billion more in credit card debt by the end of this year compared to last year.

Avoiding unscrupulous credit card debt relief promotions

Most Tennessee consumers have at least one credit card in their back pocket. Unfortunately, credit card debt and interest can quickly build up and become a constant source of stress and anxiety. When credit card bills do get out of hand, consumers often find themselves as the targets of unscrupulous debt relief schemes. Tennessee readers may find the following article interesting.

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