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Tips on avoiding and putting a stop to credit card debt

Most people in the Chattanooga area are probably aware that credit cards are easily accessible today. As soon as a person turns 18, credit card offers can start to overwhelm their mailbox. Credit cards are a healthy part of building credit, but if used inappropriately, can be a source of thousands of dollars of unmanageable debt. We have listed a few ways to use credit cards in a financially responsible way and how to avoid using them in ways that can lead to problems.

Protections under the FDCPA

Many Tennessee residents struggle with credit card debt. In some cases, people have used credit cards to pay for medical expenses, every day expenses and other things when they cannot afford them. In this situation it is easy to fall behind on payments to creditors. With the high interest rates that accompany most credit card payments, a person's debt only gets worse in this situation, even if the person is not using the card.

What is the CARD act and how does it help consumers?

It's not uncommon for people in Chattanooga to run into financial challenges because of credit card debt. Credit card debt can accumulate in a number of ways. Perhaps there was a frivolous use of credit to buy things that really weren't needed and the irresponsibility led to issues paying the debt. Or, there might have been unexpected events that made it necessary to use a credit card to pay for them and the aftermath is causing a problem paying all the credit cards. Before new rules were implemented, consumers were at the mercy of credit card companies. That changed when the CARD act was enacted.

A candid look at accumulated debt across America

Many people are aware of the risk of accumulating excessive debt and how it can affect long-term finances. However, some aren't and weren't as aware of what large amounts of debt can do when a person is unable to pay what is owed in a timely fashion. A recent article examined what the "face" of debt looks like in America. The article detailed the efforts of an artist who is a photographer that takes portraits of "what debt looks like" and conducts short interviews with the debt holder.

What to be aware of when settling credit card debt

It is not unusual for Tennessee residents to carry credit card debt. Credit cards can be used to purchase consumer goods, but they are often used by people to pay for necessary expenses, repairs, medical bills and other essentials in times of need. When people rely on credit cards to pay for necessary expenses, they can find it difficult to pay the company back. They may get stuck in a situation where interest is accruing faster than they can pay the full balance owed.

People are paying credit card debt on time

There are signs of an improving economy all over Tennessee. As the recession has ended, people are still enjoying low interest rates, higher home values and rising stock prices. This, according to experts, has allowed consumer confidence to grow. Life isn't perfect for many people, however. Many Tennessee residents are still facing high amounts of credit card and student loan debt.

Should I transfer my credit card debt to a new card?

Many Tennesseans are probably aware that certain credit cards are marketed to consumers as balance transfer cards. These credit cards often offer a low or zero interest rate for a certain period of time, which can make them appealing to those who have significant balances on several cards that are subjected to high interest rates. However, you should consider many factors before taking the plunge and getting one of these cards, as acquiring one of these cards could cause more headaches than they are worth if improperly used.

Tennesseans can rebuild credit after filing for bankruptcy

Those in Tennessee who have filed for bankruptcy or are considering it often have many concerns. Amongst them is how bankruptcy will affect one's credit. While it is true that bankruptcy will negatively impact an individual's credit score, it is not a mark that will doom an individual to a lifetime of financial ruin. In fact, there are many steps that can be taken after declaring bankruptcy that might help rebuild one's credit.

Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy can help with credit card debt

Credit card debt can be scary. Those who relied on them in a time of need can quickly be subjected to creditor harassment and even wage garnishment. In many cases, these debtors had no choice but to turn to credit cards. Unemployment, a sudden decrease in wages, a new medical condition, or another unexpected life event can leave them strapped for cash with nowhere to turn but their plastic. Though they may not have had an option in doing so, they do have options when it comes to finding debt relief.

Less credit card debt paid off last quarter than during recession

As the economy seems to be slowly gaining traction, it may be easy to think that the debt load of people in Tennessee and around the country is getting lighter. This positive feeling can be buttressed by the fact that Americans paid off $32.5 billion in credit card debt last quarter. However, though that number may be impressive, that figure is less than the amount of credit card debt that was paid off by Americans at the end of the recession. In fact, Americans are expected to collectively accumulate $42 billion more in credit card debt by the end of this year compared to last year.

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