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Is medical debt considered secured or unsecured debt?

Different types of debts can have different priorities. Depending upon the type of debt that a Tennessee resident holds, their creditors can pursue different methods of seeking the collection of the debtor's obligations. If a debt is secured then there is property that may be reclaimed in satisfaction of the debt. For example, a car loan is a secured debt because the lender can repossess the debtor's vehicle if they stop making payments on their loan.

Medical debt can have a huge impact on credit score

Many medical procedures cannot be avoided. When Tennessee residents must undergo surgeries or other treatments to save their lives and maintain their health, they may not have money saved to take care of the bills they will later receive. This can cause patients to incur medical debt, a leading cause of financial stress for many Americans.

Protecting financial health when medical debt becomes a problem

Each day presents new opportunities and experiences for the residents of Chattanooga. While many individuals may embrace the positive events that happen in their lives, they may also fear the repercussions that accompany the negative happenings that afflict them and their loved ones. In particular, the diagnosis of a serious medical condition can be a significantly emotional, physical, and financial hardship.

Out of network medical care can lead to exorbitant medical bills

Tennessee residents who have health insurance may be familiar with the concept of "in-network providers." If a doctor, hospital, or medical office is in-network, then that provider has a contractual relationship with the patient's insurance carrier. Insurance companies often prefer their customers to see in-network providers because it makes assessing insurance coverage and payments more streamlined.

Relief for debtors of any age

Last week's post on the challenges young people face to pay off their medical debt is a good reminder to readers of this Tennessee bankruptcy and debt relief blog that financial hardship is a problem that anyone can experience. It is a mistake to believe that debt is only something that grows over time and afflicts those who fail to use financial caution in the youth: from young adults to retirees, debt is a hardship that can cause problems for individuals of all ages.

Young adults slammed by crippling medical debt

Different generations have been assigned different names to differentiate them from one another. For example, Tennessee residents who were born in the two decades following World War II may be considered Baby Boomers, while individuals born during the Civil Rights Era through the mid-1980's fall into Generation X. The most recent generation to be named, the Millennials, is comprised of individuals born during the early to mid-1980's through the first few years after the turn of the millennium. And, according to a recently published study, it is this generation that is suffering significantly from medical debt.

Trauma fees may cause medical bills to skyrocket

It is always better to be safe than sorry in situations in which someone's health may be compromised. This is just the reason that Tennessee parents rush their kids to the hospital when they suffer bad falls or show signs of medical distress. Similarly, a couple visiting the United States from abroad did just that when their then-infant child fell off of a hotel room bed and bumped their head.

What are some of the consequences of having medical debt?

An unexpected illness or accident can result in a Tennessee resident spending time with their doctors and not at work. As a result, a number of individuals who incur medical costs find themselves facing significant debt when their bills begin to arrive. According to a study on medical debt, the presence of such debt in a person's life can have serious and long-term consequences.

Helping you address medical debt problems

While we try to do everything in our power to stay healthy or overcome illnesses and ailments, we can still face many medical issues. The cost of healthcare is ever increasing, making it difficult for some patients to pay their bills right away. While payment plans are an option, when medical debt continues to grow because ongoing medical care is necessary, it can seem impossible to ever reach a point where their balance will return to zero.

Manage medical debt with the help of an attorney

Not long ago this Tennessee-based bankruptcy and debt relief blog posted an article about Americans' fears of incurring medical debt. The fear that some people experience is so high that they would actually prefer to deal with their medical problems on their own than to expose themselves to the incredibly high costs of health care in hospitals and other facilities. This can cause some who need the help of medical professionals to avoid seeking the care they need to heal their bodies and remedy their ailments.

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