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Dealing with medical debt that you cannot afford

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2020 | Bankruptcy

The one form of debt that many Hixson, Tennessee, residents worry about the most is medical bills. After all, if you cannot pay the medical debt you already owe, it may cause you to avoid seeking treatment for new and existing conditions. However, ignoring the debt will not make it disappear and will likely make an already bad situation worse.

Our lawyers understand the impact of unpaid medical debt. We know that you want to cover these bills so that you can continue getting any necessary treatment you need. In particularly dire circumstances, we usually suggest Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy as an effective means of overcoming unpaid financial obligations. For those who are not yet ready to consider bankruptcy, the options below may help you address your debt.

First, check your bills for potential errors. No person or billing system is infallible. Medical providers send out itemized bills, which means you can study them and identify procedures, medications or other listed items that you did not receive. If you spot an error, contact the facility immediately for help.

Try negotiating with medical providers. Doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals want you to pay your bills. As such, many are willing to negotiate your debt down to a manageable level, so they can acquire at least some amount of recompense.

For hospital bills, ask a hospital representative (usually in the billing department) about acquiring financial assistance. Under federal law, nonprofit hospitals are required to provide such assistance when necessary.

Finally, consider reaching out to a legal advocate to uncover other methods of reducing or eliminating your medical debt. This also gives you an excellent opportunity to discover if bankruptcy might indeed be your best solution.

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