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Medical bills continue to plague many Americans

On Behalf of | May 18, 2020 | Medical Debt

People across the country are struggling with various financial issues as many are out of work or earning reduced income right now. As a result, it is becoming difficult for patients to pay their medical bills. This type of debt can be overwhelming, quickly wiping out savings. Additionally, those in Tennessee struggling with medical debt may also have to deal with aggressive debt collection practices.

One common tactic employed by hospitals that are trying to collect past-due medical debt is to resort to wage garnishment. This means getting a court order for an employer to withhold a portion of a person’s paycheck to go toward debt. This is a common occurrence, even when many in debt are in that position because of an unexpected medical need and reduced income.

Garnishment is a legal means by which creditors can collect money, but it leaves consumers in a difficult position. Even with insurance, medical bills can take a Tennessee family by surprise, and a reasonable payment schedule may not be possible. These bills and wage garnishment can combine to make the financial situation even more difficult. For some, it may seem like there is no way out.

For those with overwhelming medical bills, bankruptcy may be the right answer. This process can allow a consumer to discharge certain unsecured balances, including medical debt. The person filing for bankruptcy protection can emerge with a better and stronger financial future in hand. Doing so also automatically enacts the automatic stay, which immediately halts all debt collection processes such as wage garnishment.