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Unexpected medical costs a major cause of personal bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2019 | Medical Debt

For most people, having a job is a necessity. Without gainful employment they cannot keep food on their tables, rooves over their heads, and clothing on their backs. However, when it comes to finding work, many Tennessee residents also look for job opportunities that provide them with benefits like health insurance.

Health insurance can help individuals cover their medical costs when they have to go to their doctors or spend time in the hospital. Health insurers can help their enrolled clients negotiate a reduction in some of their medical costs to make the payment of medical services more achievable. However, a recent report suggests that even individuals with health insurance are struggling to pay their medical bills. As a result, many of them are turning to bankruptcy to resolve their outstanding medical debts.

This is because too few individuals have enough savings to pay for even modest medical expenses when they occur. In many cases this is through no fault of the individual in question. A person with a low paying job may not have an extra $1,000 to cover their insurance deductible after an accident or medical emergency. This financial shortfall can cause them to experience a spiral of financial problems that ultimately lands them in debt. Accidents and emergencies often cannot be avoided or anticipated, and as people oftentimes struggle when bills arrive that they are not prepared to pay.

Personal bankruptcy can be a good option for individuals who are unable to find other debt relief options to alleviate their outstanding financial obligations. Medical debt is a common cause of financial hardship for Americans and a common reason that many turn to bankruptcy. Attorneys who work in this field can provide their clients with the best information about how bankruptcy may support their needs.