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Tennessee exemptions for personal property

Filing for bankruptcy can be a scary prospect for Tennessee residents. They may feel like it is the only option they have left -- especially if they have been subjected to creditor harassment. People may worry that filing for bankruptcy means that they have to give up a lot of their personal property. They may worry about losing family heirlooms, clothing, pets or other property that they need on a day-to-day basis.

What are federal bankruptcy exemptions?

If you are behind on bills you may be receiving calls from creditors, threatening letters and other pressure to pay. Most likely, if you were able to pay you would. But, in many situations people are dealing with such difficult financial situations that they just do not have the income to cover their bills. They may borrow to try temporarily cover the gap, but this temporary measure often leads to further financial difficulties.

Tennessee faces high bankruptcy rate

Tennessee residents have struggled a lot over the past several years. The so-called Great Recession has left many families trying to live with less. Despite reports of recovery, many people are still seeing reduced wages, higher gas prices, lower home values and more expensive consumer goods and healthcare. For many people this combination has resulted in a complete financial disaster.

Don't let creditors take advantage of you

When Tennessee residents are living with overwhelming debt they can feel like their backs are up against a wall. Creditors might be constantly calling trying to collect a debt. The debtors may deal with embarrassing credit card declines, calls at work or even wage garnishment. These actions can make people feel like it is impossible to get ahead of the debt or have any financial freedom.

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