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November 2013 Archives

Former teen pop star seeks Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief

There are two primary types of bankruptcy for debtors in the United States. The first is called Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The second is called Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy the filer's debts are generally reorganized. While the process is often considered less drastic than Chapter 7, Chapter 7 allows filers the opportunity to discharged debt quickly, providing immediate relief to tough financial challenges.

Consumer credit card debt shrinks while student loans increase

Many Americans can run into problems with credit cards. Revolving debt with high-interest rates can get anyone into trouble, no matter how financially responsible they may be. Fortunately, it was recently reported that balances on credit cards in the United States have declined for the fourth consecutive month, A fact that our Tennessee readers with credit card debt may not be aware of.

Surviving medical debt in modern America

Medical bills are a regular part of life in a modern society. Sadly, the cost of medical care in America and subsequently the associated burden of financing that care has grown exponentially. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 20 percent of all Americans struggle to pay medical bills. Tennessee readers may find the following blog bankruptcy and medical expenses interesting.

Millennials rely on social media for financial advice

Both the old and young share a commonality in that everyone is subject to financial challenges. From credit card bills and student loans to an upside down mortgage and costly medical bills, getting derailed financially seems to be an American trend. Interestingly, while people of all ages deal with the same economy, how they cope is quite different. Tennessee readers might enjoy the following blog on Millennials, social media and financial education.

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