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Would you give up social media to eliminate credit card debt?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2018 | Credit Card Debt

Before the advent of Facebook, Twitter and even smartphones, Americans had to pick up their landline telephones to check in with friends and family members. Now, though, it is more likely that a Tennessee resident would simply check into their preferred social medial site to find out what is happening in the lives of the people they care about.

Social media is an important tool in the passage of information from person to person, but some individuals would be willing to go without their online accounts if it meant getting rid of the credit card debt that they carry. According to a national survey, nearly a third of all people surveyed claimed they would give up social media for a year if it meant emerging from the experience with no debt.

Losing their online accounts was not the only sacrifice the surveyed individuals claimed they would make to rid themselves of credit card debt. Around a third of those surveyed said they would give up a favorite treat to wipe out their debt, and others stated that they would give up pets or even donate organs in order to become free from their financial burdens.

Credit card debt is a serious problem for many American families and can cause problems to develop between partners, spouses and other relations. While at present it is not possible for a person to destroy their debt by giving up Facebook, a credit card debtor can take active steps to start working down their debt. One of the first steps they may wish to take is to find a debt relief attorney who can advise them of their best legal options.