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February 2016 Archives

Some of your property may be exempt from bankruptcy

Many Tennesseans fear bankruptcy because they think that it means they will lose all of their belongings-their house, their car, their clothes. But that fear is unfounded. Filing for bankruptcy, whether under Chapter 7 or 13, does not mean a person will lose all of their belongings because certain rules and exemptions allow filers to keep some of their assets.

Bankruptcy's impact on a Tennessean's taxes

Tax season is upon us. Some have already filed, others are procrastinating. But either way, each of us needs to deal with it at some point. Along the way, we each face unique wrinkles. One such wrinkle is how should Tennesseans handle their bankruptcy with the IRS. To learn more about how to do so, keep reading.

What are the options when facing high medical debt?

Tennesseans struck with poor health face a double whammy: deteriorating health and ballooning medical debt. In these circumstances, a person needs to do what it takes to get their health in order and then figure out how to handle the avalanche of bills. What are the options for handling those bills?

Debt-settlement programs can be risky business

Life has its ups and downs. When the downs arrive, some Tennesseans rely on credit cards to make it through. But doing so comes with a cost -- a big one -- for those who have a balance on the card at the end of the month. If the cost is too large, the stress of a down period can merge with the stress of a financial shortfall.

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