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January 2015 Archives

When considering Chapter 7, know your options and rights

Since the start of the Great Recession in 2008, many Tennessee families have struggled to make ends meet. Now, while the economy has started to bounce back, many people still suffer the effects of the recession and the crippling economic damage it created. Many people live with constant creditor harassment. People may be afraid to answer the phone or open their mail, for fear of credit card balances, threatening tones or legal action. In some cases, people may be afraid of losing their car, their home or other personal possession.

Navigating Chapter 13 bankruptcies for Tennessee residents

Many people are aware that by filing for bankruptcy they can get their debts erased. However, most people do not understand the legal complexities that are required when filing for bankruptcy. Like most legal actions, bankruptcy has a variety of specific steps that must be undertaken before a person can get relief. These include picking the right chapter of bankruptcy to file for, filing the petition and filling other requirements.

Understanding exemptions when filing for bankruptcy

One frequent concern of many Tennessee residents who are considering filing for bankruptcy is that everything will be lost as the process moves forward. Many are unaware or lack the knowledge to understand what bankruptcy exemptions are and how they can protect certain properties. Given the inherent fear that many experience when the word "bankruptcy" is mentioned and bills have reached the point where it is a legitimate possibility, the myths that come along with it can lead to a great deal of irrational suppositions and fear. Knowing the exemptions can alleviate this hesitation.

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