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October 2013 Archives

Can Chapter 7 bankruptcy get rid of a lawsuit judgment?

There are many reasons that Tennessee residents file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The two most common reasons include medical debt and lost jobs. Another common reason people file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is legal problems. In fact, legal judgments and civil suits in particular have a long history of pushing people into bankruptcy.

Knowing when bankruptcy is the right choice

Many Tennessee readers may be familiar with Suze Orman. Orman is well known television host and financial advisor who has spent her career educating the public on financial responsibility. Among the wide variety of financial matters that Suze Orman has discussed throughout her long financial career is filing for bankruptcy. According to Orman despite public perception, bankruptcy can actually be very a good option.

Southern states struggle with high rates of medical bankruptcies

The effect of medical expenses and healthcare costs on the financial stability of many American families is astonishing. While it has been reported on multiple occasions that medical debt is a leading cause of filing for bankruptcy, the actual numbers rarely get discussed. A recent study, however, looked at both the U.S. numbers of medical debt bankruptcy filings as well as the rate of bankruptcies in neighboring Mississippi.

Rebuilding your financial life after filing for bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is far more common than many consumers realize. In fact, last year alone almost 1.2 million Americans filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. With a struggling economy, financial experts expect this figure to remain steady for the near future. While credit card debt and spending are often to blame for bankruptcy, the two most common reasons for filing are actually unexpected medical costs and lost jobs.

A single unexpected event can have serious consequences

Unexpected medical conditions and tragic accidents can have serious, long-term financial consequences that far exceed the immediate health trauma such events can bring about. Much of this is the result of the exorbitant costs associated with healthcare in the United States. In fact, as Tennessee readers already know, medical debt and healthcare costs are the number one cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States today.

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