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June 2013 Archives

Filing for bankruptcy and protecting your retirement

There have been a number of articles recently discussing the increasing number of older Americans that are filing for bankruptcy in the U.S. While bankruptcy can be scary at any age, it can be much more difficult for older Americans who fear losing their retirement savings in the process. Tennessee readers considering bankruptcy might find the following blog on retirement savings and bankruptcy exemptions interesting.

Rebuilding your credit score after filing for bankruptcy

One of the most common questions people ask when they consider filing for bankruptcy is how the filing is going to affect their credit. The cold truth is that filing for bankruptcy is going to damage the filer's credit score, but it is possible to rebuild credit, and you can start doing so immediately. Tennessee residents considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to large debt might be interested in learning about the process of rebuilding credit.

Managing medical debt while struggling with cancer

The relationship between bankruptcy and medical bills has been well established. Numerous studies have confirmed the link between illness and financial challenges, demonstrating that medical debt is one of the leading reasons consumers file for bankruptcy. To better understand the correlation between health care and financial challenges, Tennessee readers should consider the following study.

Do not use exempt property of pay off bad debt

There is no limit to what people will do to manage credit card debt. While the instinct is respectable, often times the tactics are less then beneficial. Sometimes individuals facing serious financial challenges from credit card debt try to prolong the inevitable by borrowing money from one card to pay another. In other cases, individuals liquidate important assets like their retirement accounts.

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