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Deciding which chapter of bankruptcy is right for you

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is never easy. Owing a significant amount of debt can be disheartening and overwhelming, and Tennessee consumers who find themselves in this situation may feel like they do not have a way out. For you, filing for consumer bankruptcy could be an optimal way to find relief from your debt and harassment from creditors.

Will one of these options help you keep your house?

As a new year unfolds, it's not uncommon for many Tennessee residents, perhaps including yourself, to be in dire straits concerning financial matters. After all, holidays recently passed, and many people grow dismayed when credit card bills start rolling in and they realize they overextended their budgets. Others have experienced unforeseen medical issues that threw their finances out of whack. No matter the exact causes of your current financial challenges, if you're worried about possibly losing your home, there may be options available to help you.

Are bankruptcy stigmas holding you back?

One of the most difficult aspects of life that many individuals struggle with relates to finances. You may find yourself among the numerous Tennessee residents who feel that your income is not enough or that you have too much debt due to credit balances or medical bills. Whatever the reason for your debt, you certainly want to find the best way to handle your financial issues in hopes of getting back on the right track.

Where do most Tennessee residents fall re average household debt?

Whether you're a spender or a saver, there have likely been times in your life when you had to pull the purse strings a bit tighter to ride out a financial crisis. Perhaps you sustained an unexpected income change or someone in your family faced an urgent medical need that caused undue financial hardship across the board. It's easy for things to get out of hand once the scales tip toward debt.

The automatic stay offers you automatic benefits

In addition to significant financial stress, owing a large amount of debt can bring a host of significant and unpleasant consequences to your life. From growing interest to phone calls from creditors, it may seem like no part of your life is immune from the effects of unmanageable debt.

The consequences of not paying your debts

Aside from the people in your life, your car, your home, your education and your health are likely among the things you cherish most. They are also probably the things that cost you the most money. In fact, as much as you need these things, paying for them may be the reason you can't sleep at night.

Keep your car and fight back against repossession efforts

You need your car for work, to get to school, to go to the grocery store and even to drive your children around. Having a vehicle is critical to your career and your independence, so if you start receiving threats of repossession, your right to drive in Tennessee is at risk. Falling behind on payments is something that many people face, and by taking the appropriate steps, you can make it stop. 

Separating fact from fiction regarding consumer bankruptcy

If you are constantly struggling to pay the bills and feel as though you are drowning in debt, you might be wondering about available options for relief. Perhaps you have tried to restructure your finances on your own, but the amounts you owe are simply too heavy a burden.

Can I keep my stuff if I file for bankruptcy?

Even while dealing with overwhelming and insurmountable debt, many Tennessee residents do not file for bankruptcy because they fear that taking this step will require that they give up their property. In reality, you may be able to keep most of your assets and still enjoy the benefits of seeking bankruptcy protection.

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