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April 2017 Archives

The best way to handle Tennessee medical debt is prevention

Getting sick or injured is part of the human condition. Since none of us is immune to the effects of disease or unexpected injuries, we can expect to deal with them at some point in our lives if we live long enough. And, even younger, seemingly healthy individuals can be seriously hurt in an accident or fall victim to cancer or other ailments that do not discriminate. When this occurs, Tennessee residents may need medical intervention; in some instances, this could mean long hospital stays or expensive surgeries, therapy, or medications. Paying for these interventions may not be the first thing on a patient's mind, but the costs will have to be dealt with sooner or later.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings go up around tax day

Contrary to what many Tennessee residents may believe, many, if not most, people who file for bankruptcy are not those who have no job or income. In a good number of cases, bankruptcy filers may now have an income, but fell behind on bills due to an illness or prior unexpected period of unemployment or other unforeseen circumstances. This means that many people who are contemplating filing for bankruptcy also file federal income tax returns, and may even get income tax refunds.

Who is now eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision, and something that should be thought through. Whether it is necessary due to a period of unemployment, a serious illness, or other unexpected expenses, Tennessee residents thinking about bankruptcy should understand the different options available to them and what they might mean. This blog has previously discussed some of the main differences between filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13, including some of the basic eligibility requirements.

Discharging credit card and medical debt in Tennessee

Life moves pretty fast, and sometimes unexpected things happen along the way. An unexpected injury or a lengthy illness can mean large medical bills, especially in this time of uncertainty with regard to health insurance. A period of unemployment due to a layoff or other circumstances beyond one's control can lead to having to live on credit for a while. Even those who do have jobs may not make enough in our current economy to be totally without credit card debt. Required home or vehicle repairs may hit, causing a Tennessee resident to rack up debts that become difficult or impossible to pay.

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