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November 2015 Archives

Tennessee medical debt does not have to bury you

For many Tennesseans, at the time, taking on debt was smart, or even a matter of life or death. For these Tennesseans, bad luck, rather than some moral failing, is to blame for the resulting debt. For some reason though, some of these Tennesseans think that filing for bankruptcy is taking the easy way out. But, that is simply not true. For many Tennesseans, the truth is far different.

Tennessee debt after Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When Tennesseans get in a mountain of debt, they have several ways to address it. One is filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This form of bankruptcy can be an effective way to gain a fresh financial start. But, as is so often the case in life, there are some exceptions. To learn more about what kinds of debt Chapter 7 cannot erase, keep reading.

Putting a muzzle on Tennessee credit card debt collectors

No matter how credit card debt was accumulated, whether from an unexpected repair, an unforeseen medical bill or something else, the repercussions are stressful. And, that is before Tennessee debt collectors enter the picture. Once they do, expect letters, calls and an assortment of other headaches. Some of these efforts are legal, others are not. Tennesseans with credit card debt would be well-versed knowing where lawful debt-collection practices end and illegal ones begin. Doing so can eliminate many problems before they escalate.

How does Chapter 13 work in Tennessee?

Many Tennesseans have heard of bankruptcy. And, many of those have heard of Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which involves the selling of a person's assets to pay their creditors. But, fewer have heard of Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Despite that obscurity, Chapter 13 is a common and often effective way for people to gain a fresh financial start.

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