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Know Your Options For Student Loan Or Tax Debt Relief

At Mark T. Young & Associates, our Tennessee legal team provides comprehensive bankruptcy representation to help individuals achieve student loan relief and tax debt relief. We understand the frustration and uncertainty associated with overwhelming debts, and we dedicate substantial time, talent and resources to help clients go through the bankruptcy process effectively.

Chattanooga student loan and tax debt relief lawyer Mark T. Young has more than 30 years of experience preparing and filing bankruptcy petitions. He understands the complex Bankruptcy Code, as well as its guidelines and restrictions. As a dedicated bankruptcy attorney, he can evaluate your situation from every angle to determine the best course of action.

Chapter 7 And Student Loans

When filing for Chapter 7 protection, you are not able to discharge your student loans. A hardship discharge is provided for in the Bankruptcy Code; however, it is very difficult to obtain.

If you meet requirements under the Bankruptcy Code and your income tax debts are old enough, you may be able to get them discharged. It is important to discuss your situation with a qualified bankruptcy lawyer, as discharging income tax debt requires specialized analysis and evaluation.

Chapter 13’s Impact On Student Debt And Back Taxes

When filing Chapter 13, you may not discharge any part of your student loan debt, including principal or interest; however, you can receive protection from these creditors while in your Chapter 13 case.

Under Chapter 13, you can pay any and all taxes, such as:

  • Income tax
  • Sales tax
  • Some property taxes
  • Certain excise and employment taxes

In your Chapter 13 plan, IRS tax liens can be paid in the plan. Filing under Chapter 13 will stop all contacts and legal actions by the Internal Revenue Service.

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