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Motherhood and medical debt: A statewide problem

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Medical Debt

Having a baby is an incredibly stressful time for an expectant Tennessee mother. While her concerns may surround her own health and that of her baby, she may also worry about retaining her career as a mom, earning an income that will support her and her family, and paying for the medical services that they will need when labor and delivery begin. The financial aspects of having a child are significant, and for some new mothers, debt becomes a problem shortly after they give birth.

For some women, getting health care for their infants becomes an expensive undertaking when emergency services are required. When mothers and babies do not have health insurance or when their insurance does not cover all necessary services, medical bills can skyrocket and become insurmountable burdens on them. On top of the stress of caring for a new child, a mother may be left with financial ruin and overwhelming debt.

Labor, delivery, and childbirth are not the only medical events that can force Tennessee residents into financial peril. Practically any emergency services can become financial nightmares, and even people with health insurance can become burdened with outrageous bills, fees, and out-of-network costs as they seek to protect their own health.

Getting through medical debt can be difficult, but it is possible for individuals to emerge from their financial trials with their futures intact. Bankruptcy and other debt relief options may offer medical debtors different paths to economic stability. To learn more about these and other options, readers with medical debt are encouraged to contact their local bankruptcy attorneys.