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Is medical debt a problem for your family?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | Medical Debt

Medical costs in the United States are astronomical and many Tennessee families struggle to pay their bills when hospitals, doctors, and practice groups send their invoices and statements. Whether their bills derive from unexpected medical emergencies or standard appointments and procedures, individuals can find themselves buried in debt from simply taking care of their health. For some, medical debt can be the reason that they choose to file for bankruptcy and seek other methods of eliminating their outstanding obligations.

Attorney Mark Young works for individuals who have faced insurmountable financial burdens and who are ready to make important decisions about how to change the course of their economic lives. He provides legal counsel on debt relief options for those facing unpayable medical bills, including guidance and support for men and women who wish to pursue personal bankruptcy options.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy may serve the interests and needs of different debtors. While Chapter 7 requires individuals to liquidate property, Chapter 13 requires individuals to formulate repayment plans to manage their outstanding loans and bills. Depending upon the individual’s debts, either may provide some support when facing major medical bills.

To learn more about managing unpaid healthcare costs, attorney Mark Young invites the readers of this bankruptcy and debt relief blog to visit his firm’s website on medical debt. There, they can find more about our services and the debt relief options that may be available to them. While considering personal bankruptcy can be challenging, the truth is that IT can provide an exit route from an otherwise inescapable debt spiral. Tennesseans shouldn’t let themselves get sucked into prideful pursuits of overcoming insurmountable debt. Instead, they should consider consulting with a law firm like ours to determine their best course of action for seeking the fresh financial start they deserve.