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A minor medical reaction leads to a major medical bill

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2019 | Medical Debt

The human body is an amazing thing, but not everyone knows exactly what ailments and conditions may be lurking just below their own skin. Even when Tennessee residents stay on top of their health and meet regularly with their doctors, they may suffer surprising reactions and conditions that are unlike anything they have every experienced.

A man who received a flu shot found this out after he had a surprise reaction shortly after his vaccination. That reaction triggered a very long and costly process for him. The man got his flu shot at work and within minutes fainted. Though he was prone to fainting, he and his co-workers became alarmed when he began to vomit. This reaction prompted the man to take an ambulance to the hospital where he spent eight hours waiting and being subjected to different medical tests.

In the end, the man was sent home but soon received a medical bill that was just under $5,000. Emergency room fees, medical diagnostic tests, and a host of other charges ran up his bill for what amounted to a minor reaction to a vaccination. Though he attempted to appeal the bill, his provider did not lower the amount he was expected to pay.

Americans are in a tough spot when it comes to seeking emergency medical care. Many individuals who need health care services may question seeking emergency treatment because it has become painfully and dangerously expensive. Some who do use emergency services find themselves stuck with bills that they cannot then pay. Emergency medical service bills are a serious cause of medical debt, and individuals who do incur this form of financial obligation should understand their options for seeking relief from their overwhelming and burdensome debts.