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The best way to handle Tennessee medical debt is prevention

Getting sick or injured is part of the human condition. Since none of us is immune to the effects of disease or unexpected injuries, we can expect to deal with them at some point in our lives if we live long enough. And, even younger, seemingly healthy individuals can be seriously hurt in an accident or fall victim to cancer or other ailments that do not discriminate. When this occurs, Tennessee residents may need medical intervention; in some instances, this could mean long hospital stays or expensive surgeries, therapy, or medications. Paying for these interventions may not be the first thing on a patient's mind, but the costs will have to be dealt with sooner or later.

Statute of limitations to collect Tennessee medical bills?

The costs of medical care continue to rise in Tennessee and around the country. Although the rate of this rise in costs has decreased since the adoption of certain federal laws in the last decade, being treated for an injury or illness, especially a serious or chronic one, can be a very expensive proposition. Further, even those with health insurance can end up acquiring large amounts of medical debt, as low-premium plans with high deductibles and low co-insurance percentages continue to gain in popularity.

Outstanding medical debt can be absolved by filing for bankruptcy

Despite your own or your family's best efforts, medical emergencies can still happen. Whether this is due to an injury sustained in a sudden accident like a car accident or a work accident or a diagnosed illness - the medical bills can be substantial. Beyond immediate care, there are often costs associated with medication and rehabilitation that may leave the injured and their family with many out-of-pocket costs. All of these medical expenses can leave a family knee-deep in medical debt.

Debt relief from unexpected hospital bills is possible

It's no secret that many Chattanooga residents' healthcare coverage is more expensive and less-encompassing than ever before. But what are the real life effects of this shift in healthcare expenses? It can mean higher deductibles, coinsurance and other out-of-pocket expenses for the average Tennessee family. It can mean unbearable medical debt after an unexpected accident or illness.

Having insurance is not a foolproof way to prevent medical debt

Think having medical insurance means that you don't have to worry about huge medical bills? Think again. A Tennessee resident can have medical insurance, go to a caregiver within the insurance plan and still wind up with unexpectedly large bills.

Medical debt can ruin a Tennessee resident's credit rating

For some Tennessee residents, a medical problem can be a moment of adversity readily overcome. For others, the medical issue will can be catastrophic, introducing a time of suffering and medical debt. For those in such situations, having the pressure of sometimes-staggering debt can be overwhelming and can raise many different questions.

John Oliver buys, then forgives $15 million in medical debt

Debt is a reality for many Tennesseans. And, they are not alone. America, as a whole, owes about $12 trillion. Yes, trillion. A healthy chunk of that amount is medical debt. But, thanks to John Oliver, comedian and host of "Last Week Tonight," there is now $15 million less medical debt.

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