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Those in financial trouble need get a handle on credit card debt

We have all been there. That moment when you check your bank account and do not like what's looking back at you. Making financial sacrifices isn't unusual until your receive your next paycheck, but what about when you are barely making the minimum payments on your credit cards or have completely fallen into default on your mortgage or other financial obligation? There is a point when financial burdens can get out of control, and one way to remedy the problem is to get a handle on liabilities, like credit card debts.

Getting in control of your credit card debt

Many Tennessee residents struggle with financial problems, despite the improving national economy. For many people, the primary concern is debt, particularly credit card debt. While credit cards can be useful financial tools, they can also be traps, burdening Tennessee residents with revolving balances and steep interest rates that can make it seem like the debt can never be paid off. However, a recent article had a few tips for people who are looking for ways to get control over their rising level of credit card debt.

Attorneys can provide counsel on debt relief issues

Many Chattanooga residents use credit cards, often on a daily basis. Credit cards are an easy and convenient way to purchase items. But, sometimes a consumer may find themselves strapped with unmanageable credit card debt. In these situations, there are effective options for debt relief.

Nonprofits act to help Chattanooga residents with credit

Debt can be overwhelming. What many Chattanooga residents stand to lose when their finances are in disarray could include assets like a car or home. A person's credit score could be negatively impacted and thus make it difficult to get approved for financing on an asset later on. If you or a loved one feels like they do not have a handle on their finances, there is a free credit counseling event in Chattanooga held by several local non-profits.

Tennessee locales look to rein in payday loans

Most residents are likely aware that credit card debt is a huge problem in the state and nationwide. But, what if someone came to them and told them that there was a card that would charge 460 percent interest? One would think that people would avoid that if it all possible. However, according to consumer groups, that is exactly what it is like when individuals use payday loan businesses.

Don't let fear of losing assets keep you from debt relief

We spend years gathering things-the car given by parents on graduation day, the china dinnerware you got on your wedding and the vintage ring your grandmother gave you. Many Tennessee residents may lug their prized possessions around from city to city as they move around for various reasons. This is why the idea of filing for bankruptcy may be daunting-as mentioned in last week's post, many are under the impression all assets must be given up in a bankruptcy filing. But this is not the case.

Exceptions to creditors' levy of bank accounts in Tennessee

Being in debt can be a very stressful situation. Having to worry about making payments that one knows cannot be made, whether due to unemployment, large medical expenditures, or other sources will wear on any Tennessee resident. Eventually, such debtors may also start to consider that their creditors may attempt to come after any property they may have. This may include real estate or personal property, and especially any 'cash' the debtor holds, even if it is in the form of electrons in a bank account.

Discharging credit card and medical debt in Tennessee

Life moves pretty fast, and sometimes unexpected things happen along the way. An unexpected injury or a lengthy illness can mean large medical bills, especially in this time of uncertainty with regard to health insurance. A period of unemployment due to a layoff or other circumstances beyond one's control can lead to having to live on credit for a while. Even those who do have jobs may not make enough in our current economy to be totally without credit card debt. Required home or vehicle repairs may hit, causing a Tennessee resident to rack up debts that become difficult or impossible to pay.

Stay away from these bad financial habits

Some Tennesseans get in financial trouble because of bad luck such as a major medical malady that can churn out huge bill after huge bill. But others wreck their finances through smaller, oft-repeating behavior that adds up over time. What are some of the most common financial mistakes?

Ever wonder how credit-repair companies make money?

Life is seldom simple. We make choices. Sometimes they lead to good results, other times not. Whether that means getting buried under credit card debt or taxed by a business idea turned sour, the financial repercussions of a decision gone awry can be taxing, even ruinous. In such situations, there's no shortage of companies clamoring that they can help, including so-called credit-repair companies. What are these companies and how do they make money?

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