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Holiday shopping can lead to heavy credit card debt

During the holidays, it can be easy for a Chattanooga resident to be swept up in the spirit of the season and purchase a plethora of gifts for the people they know and love. It is uplifting to see the smile on someone's face when they receive a beautifully wrapped package that contains something a loved one chose just for them.

Stop creditors' harassment over credit card debt

Personal debt can get out of control quickly, or slowly, over many years. It isn't unusual to hear about Chattanooga residents living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to make ends meet. Living this way can quickly ignite debt and it can get out of control in a hurry. If you or a loved one is living with debt and needs to find a solution to the creditors calls, emails and mail, read on.

What are "yo-yo debtors?"

Believe it or not, the winter holiday season will be here before we know it. Many people plan ahead for this time of year, carefully managing their finances so that they can pay in full for gifts, parties and other expenses associated with the holiday season. However, for some people, including many people in Tennessee, the holiday season means one thing for their finances: increased credit card debt.

Who do you pay first in a debt repayment plan?

As an adult, you have to make some tough decisions that no one can make for you. One of these types of decisions relate to financial decisions. A person has to decide how to best manage their finances. This can be trickier than it sounds, and debt can creep up on a person and make it harder to make ends meet.This could be due to a variety of factors; many Chattanooga residents are surprised by an emergency situation where they have to come up with a lot of money in a hurry. Oftentimes people utilize credit cards to help them come up with the funds. However, credit card debt can quickly get out of control and leave you short at the end of the month.

Struggling beneath credit card debt? Relief is out there

Life is expensive. Between paying for the necessities like mortgages and food, there are other expenses like back-to-school expenses and unforeseen costs, such as an automobile repair or unexpected medical expenses. These expenses often creep up at the worst time, when people are least expecting them. Even if a person has savings, they don't always cover the entire expense. That's where a credit card can be a handy to cover the remaining expenses.

Those in financial trouble need get a handle on credit card debt

We have all been there. That moment when you check your bank account and do not like what's looking back at you. Making financial sacrifices isn't unusual until your receive your next paycheck, but what about when you are barely making the minimum payments on your credit cards or have completely fallen into default on your mortgage or other financial obligation? There is a point when financial burdens can get out of control, and one way to remedy the problem is to get a handle on liabilities, like credit card debts.

Getting in control of your credit card debt

Many Tennessee residents struggle with financial problems, despite the improving national economy. For many people, the primary concern is debt, particularly credit card debt. While credit cards can be useful financial tools, they can also be traps, burdening Tennessee residents with revolving balances and steep interest rates that can make it seem like the debt can never be paid off. However, a recent article had a few tips for people who are looking for ways to get control over their rising level of credit card debt.

Attorneys can provide counsel on debt relief issues

Many Chattanooga residents use credit cards, often on a daily basis. Credit cards are an easy and convenient way to purchase items. But, sometimes a consumer may find themselves strapped with unmanageable credit card debt. In these situations, there are effective options for debt relief.

Nonprofits act to help Chattanooga residents with credit

Debt can be overwhelming. What many Chattanooga residents stand to lose when their finances are in disarray could include assets like a car or home. A person's credit score could be negatively impacted and thus make it difficult to get approved for financing on an asset later on. If you or a loved one feels like they do not have a handle on their finances, there is a free credit counseling event in Chattanooga held by several local non-profits.

Tennessee locales look to rein in payday loans

Most residents are likely aware that credit card debt is a huge problem in the state and nationwide. But, what if someone came to them and told them that there was a card that would charge 460 percent interest? One would think that people would avoid that if it all possible. However, according to consumer groups, that is exactly what it is like when individuals use payday loan businesses.

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