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Medical debt is a problem for many Tennessee residents

On Behalf of | May 9, 2019 | Medical Debt

There are many events in life that individuals can successfully plan for. With consideration and time, some people can put enough money away to eventually leave their jobs and retire. Others may be able to save some cash so that they can help their kids or grandchildren through college. When money is tight, though, saving may be a luxury that may be unachievable.

Living paycheck-to-paycheck is a reality for many Chattanooga residents, and those who do not have the means to get ahead financially can be set back significantly when emergencies arise. For example, when an accident or sudden illness occurs, these individuals may not have the means to pay their medical bills to relieve themselves of the burden of medical debt.

Like other debts, medical debts can incur interest and grow over time. The longer that a medical debt sits unpaid, the bigger it may become and the harder it may be to pay off. It is an unfortunate truth that, for some families, unexpected medical bills can be a major contributing factor to financial challenges like foreclosure and bankruptcy.

Medical debt can be a burden, but it does not have to be a barrier to financial success in the future. Attorney Mark Young works with individuals who are fighting to get ahead of the medical bills that are holding them back. Debt relief options beyond bankruptcy may be available to them. Attorney Mark Young finds client-specific solutions to the debt and financial problems of those he represents. His firm’s website is full of useful information for interested readers who wish to overcome their medical debt hurdles.