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Bankruptcy does not eliminate child support debts

Any Tennessee resident who has gone through a divorce may have experienced the associated challenges that accompany the end of a marriage: emotional turmoil, physical exhaustion and financial uncertainty. When a household has to divide into two due to a divorce, the parties are forced to pay two sets of utilities, two sets of rent or mortgages and two of many other necessary costs. Additionally, one of the parties may become liable to the former partners' children for financial support.

Courts award child support pursuant to divorces to ensure that kids receive what they need from their parents, even if their parents are no longer together. However, as time goes on, a parent who is responsible for child support may discover that they are falling behind on their monetary obligations, including those to their kids. They may wonder if bankruptcy can help them find financial stability in their new single life.

Bankruptcy can be a good option for individuals facing financial struggles, but they should know that bankruptcy does not end a parent's child support obligation. Although a parent may be able to negotiate down their ongoing payments to accommodate their change in capacity to pay, they cannot erase the debt they owe their children and will still be responsible for paying off any delinquencies that exist.

Understanding which debts survive bankruptcy and which may be eliminated is an important part of knowing if the process is right for an individual. To learn more about Chapter 7 bankruptcy and other options that Tennessee residents have, readers are invited to reach out to their trusted bankruptcy attorneys for more case-specific information.

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