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July 2016 Archives

Discharging debt through bankruptcy

Not all debt is bad debt and not everyone who accumulates too much debt is necessarily unwise with their financial habits. Some people start a business that ultimately does not work. Others have a spot of bad luck, like an illness or a layoff. Tennessee residents who find themselves in this situation may have options, including filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

What property is exempt under Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Tennessee residents struggling to tread water while a rip tide of debt tries to drown them can use a life preserver. One potential lifesaver is filing for bankruptcy. Whether doing so makes sense will depend on a variety of factors, including what type of property a Tennessee resident has and how it will be treated during the bankruptcy process, particularly Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Having insurance is not a foolproof way to prevent medical debt

Think having medical insurance means that you don't have to worry about huge medical bills? Think again. A Tennessee resident can have medical insurance, go to a caregiver within the insurance plan and still wind up with unexpectedly large bills.

Five myths about bankruptcy

Credit card debt can get out of control. An unpaid balance gathers interest, and can quickly grow into something outrageous. Unexpected changes, such as the loss of a job, can set a debtor back, and turn the unpaid balance into something that is almost impossible to pay off. When that happens, it is important for Tennessee residents to have an accurate picture of their options. One option is to file for bankruptcy. And yet, a variety of myths continue to swirl around filing for bankruptcy.

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