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Managing medical bills and medical debt

Life happens. People get sick; people get injured. And then, they need treatment. But, that treatment often does not come cheap. All it takes is a bit of bad luck for Tennesseans to find themselves buried under a mountain of medical bills. Clawing a path out of those bills and toward financial freedom can be daunting.

Those bills can be even more daunting than a person first expects. That is so because not only is the person dealing with doctors and the hospitals, but also they may have to handle health insurance companies and debt collectors too. And, of course, they have to manage this assault, while overcoming a serious injury or illness. That is a lot to ask of anyone.

Fortunately, these problems do not need to be solved in one grand gesture. Instead, they simply need to take each step systematically. The first step in that system is to scour all medical bills for overcharges and charges for care that was not received. Flag any error with the relevant billing office.

Once the services provided are accurate, put one then must put their negotiating hat on because the bill is not set in stone. A little bit of haggling can save a lot of money.

If the bill is still too large, all is not lost. Another avenue is filing for bankruptcy. Doing so can wipe the slate clean with no more medical expenses.

Tennesseans interested in learning more about resolving their medical debt may benefit from discussing their situation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. One conversation could be the start of a brighter financial future.

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