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April 2015 Archives

Tips on avoiding and putting a stop to credit card debt

Most people in the Chattanooga area are probably aware that credit cards are easily accessible today. As soon as a person turns 18, credit card offers can start to overwhelm their mailbox. Credit cards are a healthy part of building credit, but if used inappropriately, can be a source of thousands of dollars of unmanageable debt. We have listed a few ways to use credit cards in a financially responsible way and how to avoid using them in ways that can lead to problems.

Why file for Chapter 13 instead of Chapter 7 bankruptcy

When it comes to getting a handle on finances, thousands of Tennesseans will consider bankruptcy as a legitimate option in 2015. Sometimes, debt is accumulated slowly over many years until it becomes unbearable. Other times, it is the result of an unforeseen expense that becomes unmanageable. Both way, there are a few options for debt consolidation and one of those is Chapter 13.

Help for Tennesseans struggling with credit card debt

A little Tennessean credit card debt can become a big financial problem when a Hamilton resident starts to make delinquent payments. He may not even notice how quickly the problem balloons. A first late payment may be penalized with a late fee, and then that fee may be incorporated into the past due balance on his account. A few more months of using the card and not making payments may lead to an overwhelming amount of debt on a single credit card account.

How do debtors take advantage of bankruptcy exemptions?

When people file for bankruptcy they are often worried about their personal property. This property is often extremely important for a person if the person is going to start over. The bankruptcy won't be any help, if people are left with nothing or have to purchase essentials again after the process.

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