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Protections under the FDCPA

Many Tennessee residents struggle with credit card debt. In some cases, people have used credit cards to pay for medical expenses, every day expenses and other things when they cannot afford them. In this situation it is easy to fall behind on payments to creditors. With the high interest rates that accompany most credit card payments, a person's debt only gets worse in this situation, even if the person is not using the card.

In an effort to get paid, creditors may start to contact Tennessee residents that are behind on their credit card payments. Not only can these calls be embarrassing, they can also create extra stress in a person's life. In some cases, creditors can get aggressive or mean as they work to collect the credit card debt.

Consumers do not need to take creditor harassment lightly. There are federal protections that prevent creditors from abusing people who have difficulty paying their bills. One such protection is the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the FDCPA protects against a variety of unfair, abusive and aggressive treatment by collection agencies. The act covers a variety of personal debt including credit card debt, medical bills, auto loans and more. Under the FDCPA, creditors are prohibited from harassing people. This includes using obscene language while collecting a debt, resorting to threats of violence, or threatening to publish a person's debts. It also prohibits debt collectors from repeatedly calling a consumer. The FDCPA also prevents collection agencies from using false or misleading information, claiming that people have committed a crime, or misrepresenting the amount that is owed.

Additionally, under the FDCPA, people have the right to ask collection agencies to stop contacting them and to ask for verification of the debt. Debt collectors are also prohibited from contacting other people about the debt and cannot call a person at work -- if the person makes it clear that they cannot take calls there.

If creditors violate these rules, they can face legal action. An attorney can help people struggling with overwhelming debt or creditor harassment.

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