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Navigating Chapter 13 bankruptcies for Tennessee residents

Many people are aware that by filing for bankruptcy they can get their debts erased. However, most people do not understand the legal complexities that are required when filing for bankruptcy. Like most legal actions, bankruptcy has a variety of specific steps that must be undertaken before a person can get relief. These include picking the right chapter of bankruptcy to file for, filing the petition and filling other requirements.

For a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, these other requirements including creating a repayment plan. This plan will include a repayment of certain debts over a three or five year period. The specifics of the plan are very important and must be carried out exactly. If people do not purpose an appropriate plan, they could risk their ability to get a discharge.

Our law firm understands how important an appropriate repayment plan is for people considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We understand the rules that must be considered as a plan is created. We have worked for more than 30 years Tennessee residents file for Chapter 13 and, therefore, understand the bankruptcy code and the practical considerations that must be made in these situations.

For many people, filing for bankruptcy can be a watershed moment. It is a time when they get to start over and finally achieve the financial freedom they have struggled to obtain. Without the right help, people risk this freedom and their fresh start.

Our Chapter 13 webpage has more information about how we can help those considering Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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