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November 2014 Archives

A candid look at accumulated debt across America

Many people are aware of the risk of accumulating excessive debt and how it can affect long-term finances. However, some aren't and weren't as aware of what large amounts of debt can do when a person is unable to pay what is owed in a timely fashion. A recent article examined what the "face" of debt looks like in America. The article detailed the efforts of an artist who is a photographer that takes portraits of "what debt looks like" and conducts short interviews with the debt holder.

Discharge under Chapter 7

When people file for bankruptcy, they do so in order to get some sort of debt relief. This relief comes in the form of the discharge. Once the discharge has been granted by the bankruptcy court, the debtor is no longer legally obligated to pay the debt. This means that all communication about the debt -- from debt collectors, for example -- must stop.

Medical debt relief is possible for Tennessee residents

As this blog explained in a previous post, people have rights when it comes to medical debt collection. This post explained, that much like other types of debt, medical debt is covered by the FDCPA. This means that creditor collection agencies must abide by certain rules when collecting medical debt. In addition to these protections from creditors, Tennessee residents struggling with medical debt also have legal options.

Medical debt collection and consumer rights

An unexpected medical crisis can be scary for a Tennessee family. While people are worried about the health and wellbeing of a loved one, they may not think about the economic impact of the medical scare. Once the immediate threat has passed, however, people may soon realize that they have an overwhelming amount of medical debt. Even with health insurance, expenses for hospital stays or therapy can add up quickly. If a family is unable to afford these expenses, collection agencies may soon start calling.

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