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Staying on top of medical bills can be a challenge in Tennessee

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 54 million Americans, or nearly 20 percent of the population, had difficulty paying their medical bills in 2012. The high cost of medical care in the United States continues to plague consumers throughout the country. While there may be little that any one consumer can do to control costs, there are ways to stop medical bills from going to collection.

Tennessee families know the burden that medical expenses can place on already strained finances. Making matters worse, unlike some other types of expenditures, the need for medical care is often unavoidable. If consumers do find themselves facing financial challenges due to an unexpected medical condition it is important that they contact their provider. While it may be natural to want to hide, going silent will only cause problems.

Avoiding medical bills is one way that medical debt can be turned over to a collections agency. Often times, something as simply as a phone call can save a lot of heartache. Many health care providers are willing to work with consumers who are struggling with debt. This may include negotiating a settlement agreement or repayment plan. In any case, keeping everyone abreast of the situation can go a long way.

Another piece of advice for consumers struggling with medical debt is to verify all the billing statements for accuracy. Billing mistakes happen far more often than most people think. If there is an error in the billing the consumer should contact their insurer to discuss the dispute. If the dispute results in a delay in a payment to a provider it is also important to contact the provider to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

Of course, a person can try to do everything correctly and still end up with mounting debt due to medical bills. With many people in Tennessee having to forego insurance, debts can rise quickly due to an unexpected medical condition. For those in such a situation, bankruptcy may be a good option to regain control and start fresh. Working with an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help those facing issues with medical debts understand their options and plan the best path forward.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "How to stop medical bills from going to a collection agency," Lisa Zamosky, July 05, 2013

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