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January 2013 Archives

Should Tennessee residents use retirement savings to manage debt?

When Tennessee residents are facing bankruptcy they will look at every possible solution to get back on track. For some this might even include looking at retirement savings. In fact, according to a recent study approximately one quarter of all Americans have reached into their retirement savings at one time or another. What many people do not know, however, is that state and federal bankruptcy exemptions include many retirement savings accounts.

Family finds unique way to pay medical debt and avoid bankruptcy

According to GiveForward, a crowdfunding website, medical costs are the number one reason for bankruptcy in the United States. To address this epidemic, some people have turned to crowdfunding sites like GiveForward to raise money for things such as medical debt. Tennessee citizens might enjoy the following piece about one family who found a unique way to manage some of the medical bills that come with an unexpected medical condition.

Unexpected medical conditions can lead to Tennessee bankruptcy

If there is one thing that everyone learned in the wake of the federal health care debate, it is that millions of Americans currently live without health insurance. While health insurance may seem trivial, the consequences of not having it can be severe. For the many Tennessee residents who have faced similar financial challenges, even bankruptcy, because of a health scare and medical debt, the following story of one person's struggle will seem all too familiar.

Survey shows many spouses hide credit card debt

When two people marry they intertwine more than their families they also intertwine their finances. While this may seem inconsequential to some, it can actually have some very real and very serious consequences. Because of this it is important to get to know your spouse's financial habits, preferably before the wedding. Sometimes spouses may even hide credit card debt from one another but there are tips for Tennessee residents to avoid bankruptcy or financial ruin in these situations..

Financial stress and the holiday season

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially financially. Too often people take on more than they can manage under the belief that they will have time to catch up, but this is not always the case. For Tennessee residents, however, there are options when the unfortunate does occur, such as a mortgage loan modification or Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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