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January 2017 Archives

Tennessee leads the nation in bankruptcy filings

While many Tennessee families are able to make ends meet, there are a percentage of Chattanooga residents that are struggling to get through the day due to the state of their finances. It can come to a point where it feels like you or a loved one is drowning in the unpaid bills. Whether tired of living day-to-day on credit cards or sick of the bill collector's phone calls, it may be time to consider debt consolidation as an answer. Many Chattanooga residents have explored Chapter 13 bankruptcy as a solution to their debt problems.

What bankruptcy can and cannot do for your unpaid child support

Divorce can bring significant financial changes, and for some Tennessee residents, it can set the stage for significant financial hardship. Parents ordered to pay child support may find that it is difficult to keep up with their financial obligations, despite the best of intentions.

Debt relief from unexpected hospital bills is possible

It's no secret that many Chattanooga residents' healthcare coverage is more expensive and less-encompassing than ever before. But what are the real life effects of this shift in healthcare expenses? It can mean higher deductibles, coinsurance and other out-of-pocket expenses for the average Tennessee family. It can mean unbearable medical debt after an unexpected accident or illness.

Can a Tennessean keep their house through bankruptcy?

When things go bad, they go really bad. So, when a person gets behind on some of their bills, they usually get behind on all of them. And that means an assortment of unhappy creditors, including the bank that holds the mortgage on a Tennessean's home. Does an unhappy bank mean that a Tennessean will automatically lose their home? Can filing for bankruptcy save the house?

Stay away from these bad financial habits

Some Tennesseans get in financial trouble because of bad luck such as a major medical malady that can churn out huge bill after huge bill. But others wreck their finances through smaller, oft-repeating behavior that adds up over time. What are some of the most common financial mistakes?

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